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silk caftan – caftan 2013

March 8th, 2013 caftan

For all social occasions there is a special way of clothing that makes you feel comfy and positive. The uncut, roughly-fitted apparel with long or short sleeves ‘Caftans’ have been utilized for dissimilar occasions. It has been an androgynous garment where both men and women can wear. Would you like to look trendy and fashionable? Then why don’t you try out silk caftans where you’re assured of being distinct and turn everyone’s eyes towards you.


les nouveaux modeles du caftan - 2013


These superior pure silk caftans are drawn from very high quality silk due to which these caftans are widely necessitated by all. The materials used to make silk caftans are aimed at contributing it a casual look. These pure silk kaftans are also customised according to our customers given stipulations and needs. Lovely print, tie & die, fancy work and bead work contribute style to the silk caftans.


silk caftans


Types and Colors

Available with various ranges of dissimilar styles, designs and colourings purely designed for women. There are a mixed bag of silk caftans the famed ones being women’s printed silk caftan, Fleurette silk, floral silk, asymmetrical silk, designer handmade silk, satin silk, crepe silk, poly silk caftans , and many more. Hand printed silk caftans with blended colours adds beauty for females when matched up with leggings.

Occasions to Wear a Silk Craftans

When you’re on the beach it is a caftan which gucks confidence and seductiveness and when you are enjoying in the sunshine and your skin is shining nothing looks exclusive than a stylish caftan to finish off your beaming look. Furthermore it is a fashion which accommodates all body shapes.

A comfy wear indoors without a problem would be a caftan which makes you sense relaxed and well-fixed the whole day. Evening wears especially for females are also available.

Silk caftans are put on for party apparelling, for humble parties or assemblages this can be a great costume type and festivity wear too when got into with cute sandals, and a trendy bag.

If you are sticking out for an eating house, bar or a night club a tunic fashion silk caftan top with a tight-fitting jeans and a leather belt will make you appear gorgeous and trendy.

A wedding affair or a family gets together is mostly found with people wearing silk caftans which are printed with attractive colours to make them feel the occasion’s importance.

Today’s Fashion

It has become a usual all time dress and frequent occasion wear, the catholicity of caftan is the best part. So no matter what occasion just wear a silk caftans wear and make your self-look captivating. The skilfulness of silk caftans is enhancing day by day as newfangled design and models are being made up to attract people to this mode of dressing. Young generation of today opt for silk caftans which make them look lovely and suits them for all types of occasions.

Change your style to silk caftans look rich and trendy to match today’s fashion. An online review would give you a clear data about silk caftans and its types.

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